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As a sports therapist and personal trainer I understood early the importance to individualize movement for everybody. There is no “one size fits all”. 

Yoga's transformative power inspired my approach of integrating mind, body, and soul and bringing more awareness into movement practices.

Through my own experience I learned that a holistic approach is essential for overall well-being. Integrating the emotional aspect is often a very important part of the healing journey. I will support you on your path to a fulfilling life centered on movement, mindfulness and holistic well-being!

Nourish your body and soul, realigning your life's path towards holistic health and well-being

Seeking to take your health into your own hands and feel your best every day? You're in the right place to start your transformation.

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Reaching out just to tell you that I absolutely love your yoga classes.

You make it very inclusive specially for beginners like me! Thank you.


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Discover the potential of personalized one-on-one sessions, tailored to your individual needs, integrating a customized blend of practices to support your journey towards holistic well-being. 

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